Organic Haitian Coffee

Flavor Notes: Cocoa, floral, nice balance and body, delicate and clean

Growing Region: Baptiste
Elevation: 1,400 M
Cultivar: Arabica Typica
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium
(Whole bean)

There is something exceptional about drinking a cup of Haitian coffee. The chocolate and rose flavors intrinsic to the coffee profile, the organic practices used by the farmers to produce a pure, bright, and clean cup, and the fact that the families on this small island nation growing this coffee have been doing so in an unbroken way for the last 300 years. The legacy of this coffee is a dynamic one, and up until now a rare treat to enjoy.
Read the full story behind our new coffee brand, Benna Coffee. 

**Benna Coffee is small batch roasted to order, please allow 5 business days for shipping**

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